Brammer Standards

Since 2020, we have been cooperating with the American manufacturer of analytical standards Brammer Standard Company, INC. This manufacturer has been producing standards based on metals and their alloys dedicated to spectrometers and elementary analyzers for two generations. The BS laboratory has acreditation ISO 9001ISO 17034 and ISO 17025. Brammer Standard is also a distributor of RM, CRM and SUS class standards, solid standards, i.e. in the form of discs, chips and powders of other recognized manufacturers like NIST, BAS, BAM and NCS.

Calibration standards currently available on the market have been sorted according to the type of matrix and their intended use and collected in catalogues.

Aluminium base solids

Copper base solids (brass, bronze)

Iron base solids (iron, steel, cast iron)

Nickel base solids

Other base solids (cobalt, lead, titanium)

Combustion materials (chips and powders)

Iron base chips and powders

Other metal chips and powders

Setting-Up Samples (includes glass XRF discs)

Geological materials

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