Copper standards

USL Sp. z o.o. has expanded the offer with a new copper standard AR146.

This certified reference material is available in 1 g pins and has following parameters:

AR146 Cu standard  
% Oxygen % Sulfur
Mean = 0.0235 Mean = 0.0014
Std. dev. = ± 0.0006 Std. dev. = ± 0.0002

Other copper CRMs produced according ISO 17034 and ISO 17025 are also available:

AR145Copper 1g pin standard CRM O=0.0188% S=0.0010%
AR147Copper 1g pin standard CRM O=0.0003% S=0.0005%
AR149Copper 1g pin standard CRM O=0.0314% S=0.0006%

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