Other metal standards for carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen

Titanium, copper, zirconium, iron and tungsten carbide standards for carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. They have the shape of pins or powder. These CRMs were prepared according to ISO 17034.

Catalogue No.MatrixC%S%H%O%N%Shape
AR582 sold outTi0,0250 0,0052  pins
AR585Ti0,0070 0,0081  pins
AR586Ti0,0190 0,0016  pins
AR587Ti0,0080 0,0099  pins
AR588Ti0,0080 0,0149  pins
AR589Ti0,0083 0,0207  pins
AR592 sold outTi0,0072 0,0290  pins
AR631Ti  0,00160,3890,0076pins
AR635Ti  0,00360,1450,0143pins
AR641Ti  0,00410,1950,0309pins
AR642Ti  0,00520,1510,0182pins
AR647 sold outTi  0,01220,1110,0039pins
AR648Ti  0,01690,1190,0058pins
AR649 sold outTi0,01970,1250,0065pins
AR650 sold outTi  0,0090,1000,0060pins
AR651Ti  0,00230,1280,0067pins
AR146Cu 0,0006 0,0251 pins
AR147Cu 0,0007 0,0007 pins
AR145Cu 0,0008 0,0187 pins
AR149 sold outCu 0,0005 0,0312 pins
AR590Zr0,0160 0,001  pins
AR630 sold outZr  0,0010,01490,002pins
KED1025Fe   0,9100,0133powder
AR6101Fe    0,96powder
AR6102Fe    2,05powder
AR6103Fe    3,19powder
AR6121C  0,105  powder
AR6122C  0,205  powder
AR6123C  0,300  powder
AR307WC6,14*0,0050   powder