Steel standards of oxygen and nitrogen

Steel standards of oxygen and nitrogen are available in ready to use pin shape. The bottle contains 100 pins (0.5 or 1.0 g).

Catalogue No.O%N%H%Shape
AR6440.00080.0077 pin
AR6450.00350.0089 pin
AR6460.00350.0738 pin
AR16470.00310.1400 pin
AR16500.00920.0104 pin
AR16510.00360.0228 pin
AR16520.00340.0530 pin
AR16530.00070.0030 pin
AR16570.00340.0319 pin
AR16580.00090.0756 pin
AR6540.00450.0532 pin
AR6550.00370.3920 pin
AR6560.00360.0192 pin
AR6570.00960.0101 pin
AR6580.00130.0771 pin
AR6590.00990.0055 pin
AR6600.00400.0074 pin
AR6610.00080.0091 pin
AR6620.00260.0730 pin
AR6630.00310.1440 pin
AR6670.00340.0323 pin
AR6680.00100.0024 pin
AR6750.15800.2250 pin
AR6760.04600.1099 pin
AR546  0.000095pin
AR555  0.000230pin